What we do

We are a service provider for analytics in the domain of health care and life sciences. Through the combined expertise of multidisciplinary staff members (mathematicians, informaticians, bioninformaticians, biologists and physicists) we thrive to help our clients to optimize their effectiveness by adopting intelligent algorithms - e.g. machine learning - onto their clinical and/or biological data.

Mass Spectrometry - Food Fingerprinting

Mass spectrometry is a key technology in analyzing organic material. The classical way of analyzing such data has to be carefully done to not encounter too many biases. We offer a robust intelligent A.I. that interprets data of the mass spectrometers in raw without introducing too much human bias. Additionally, through our profound expertise in statistics we continuously validate the models created by the A.I. We offer cloud services that introduce the A.I. with visualizations that help in understanding the underlying data properly. We create completely custom and specifically designed software including our intelligent algorithms to create client asked solutions.


Bioimaging, multiparameter analysis and multi-omics, these buzz words represent modern technological advancements to counter the increasing complexity of genetical and medical data. If you are in need to structure and analyse this data, then we can help you using automatically analysis. Our own cluster of highly optimized FPGAs can quickly identify for example viable cells or the structure of tissue, which then can be combined with other types of data – e.g. Protein – Protein interaction networks. Finding new relations in genetic pertubations with e.g. gene expression data and linking them up in an integrative multi-omics fashion can help you finding viable points of interest and eliminate the need to spend much time on finding interesting partners for drug development.

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